[Conglomerate-devel] Making Conglomerate part of Gnome Office

Dave Malcolm david at davemalcolm.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 18 04:38:21 CEST 2003

I'm the lead programmer/maintainer of Conglomerate, a free (as in GPL)
user-friendly XML editor based on GNOME technologies; see

I think that Conglomerate ought to become a part of Gnome Office.  In
fact, Jody gave his blessing to the idea at GUADEC, although this was in
the pub, and large quantities of Guinness had been consumed :-)

At the least, please can Conglomerate appear on this page:

Conglomerate isn't yet stable/fast enough for production use, and might
not yet be ready for integration into your release schedules.

In addition, there are some pieces of code that Conglomerate contains
that ought to be useful to other office apps.  The main ones are
routines to generate HIG-compliant (I hope) error messages from GnomeVFS
errors for File->Open, File->Save, and a Save before Closing
confirmation dialog.  The dialogs attempt to spot special-cases, and
present genuinely useful information, rather than merely convert an
error code into a text string.  Here are some screenshots:

There's a bunch of other stuff as well.  All of this ought to be spun
off into some kind of shared library, I suppose.

Thoughts?  Flames?

[cc-ed to the conglomerate list, hopefully everyone there agrees that
this is a good idea]

David Malcolm

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