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Tue Nov 16 10:04:49 CET 2004

Short-Term-Synopsis - NASDAQ - CFDJ - Compound Natural Foods.

First, let us review a few of our previous positions:
Many thought we had lost our minds we ignored a SELL rec. for Google (GOOG) when it was at 149.38 on 21-Oct-04. we again passed up a SELL rec. for Google (GOOG) when it was at 196.03 on 1-Nov-04.  Google then dropped to 169.35 on 5-Nov-04, but we stood fast.  Now, it has risen back to near 190.00, and we still say HOLD.  We expect Google to go over 200.00 and beyond, so just hold your positions.

1) Haliburton Co. (NYSE: HAL)  Has been making gains ever since 27.18 on 17-Aug-04.  Is now in the 38.00-range, and we believe due to foreign contracts will continue gains.  HOLD.
2) CEMEX SA (NYSE: CX)  With a 3 1/2 percent yield, is trading at 10 times earnings.  We have to ask ourselves: is the building boom over?  We think not.  HOLD.
3) Flour Corp. (NYSE: FLR)  Now trading in the 47.00-range, is up from 36.83 on 7-May-04.  Is trading at 18 times earnings.  SELL.

Now, for our GOLD-STAR Advisory.  We are making a SHORT-TERM ACQUISITION Advisory for HydroCharge™ - OTC.BB - CFDJ.

CFDJ has now just begun trading in earnest and has moved-up its operations, making several important news releases which not only lay out its business plan, but actually set it into motion.  These announcements have been piling up and lead us to believe that the time is now for CFDJ.

20-Oct-04 - (BUSINESS WIRE) - CFDJ ACQUIRES HydroCharge - CFDJ has acquired Pure Nature LLC, and its HydroCharge product line of naturally formulated, lower sugar, lower carbohydrate, and lower calorie sports drinks. This is the first acquisition by Compound Natural Foods, whose strategy is to grow by acquiring unique companies and opportunities in the natural foods and beverages sector.

4-Nov-04 - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Former Atkins Nutritionals National Sales Manager Named CEO of HydroCharge.

8-Nov-04 - (BUSINESS WIRE) - CFDJ Introduces New Sports Drink.

15-Nov-04 - (BUSINESS WIRE) - CFDJ Announces Six Newly Appointed Brokers as Part of the Nationwide Rollout of Its Sports Drink.

CFDJ is on a roll.  We want to focus on the acquisition of HydroCharge.

The U.S. consumer demand for sports enhancing beverages exceeds annual sales of 3 billion dollars.  Other public companies in HydroCharge's(TM) market sector include Hansen Natural Corporation (HANS) and PepsiCo (PEP), which owns Gatorade®.

Can you imagine if you had been in at the outset on Gatorade?

"We have appointed brokers for the Southeast, West, Northwest, Northeast, and South," said Ron Nolan, HydroCharge's(TM) CEO and national sales manager. "They will be working with wholesale distributors and retail outlets in the natural food markets such as, Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Vitamin Shoppes, as well as natural food chains and mainstream supermarkets. We expect to receive initial purchase orders shortly and begin to ship product at the end of this month, or early in December. We have produced and warehoused new inventory ready for immediate shipment in anticipation of the expected demand for the HydroCharge(TM) product line." 

Ron Nolan was recruited to join the HydroCharge(TM) team by its founder and president, Joey Canyon. Mr. Nolan's previous industry experience includes serving as national sales manager for Atkins® Nutritional products; president of National Health and Nutrition, owned by General Nutrition Inc. where he managed and operated a 110-store chain; and president of Holistic Services Corporation, a 150 Heath Food retail store chain located inside of Sears and Montgomery Wards.

Anticipate to begin shipment of products as early as December.

We are setting targets for CFDJ as such:
2 weeks: 1.53

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