[Fredsinitiativet-trondheim] I hope that you enjoy this present

Bakura rygeland at soulhaven.com
Wed Dec 7 06:17:31 CET 2005

You can have two or three if you want.

Here is a excellent gift for you. I saw you looking at these quality rep
lica watches and I know you like so much it.

Accept that we too wish to give to you in the way that you give to us.

I have watched you silently peek at these on many occasions. This day, I
think you actually deserve a special little somthing.
You are going to be able to watch the route your time-keeper takes to you
so you can feel safe that it will arrive.
This day is not about the bills or the responsibilities it is about you
getting a high-quality copy, because actually -- we can, the price is not
bad at all.

With Love,


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