[Fredsinitiativet-trondheim] FW: Here's to your delighted watch-shopping days

Mee-Kyong hildestes at boafans.com
Fri Dec 23 08:01:44 CET 2005


I got this great email today, and I know you've been looking for something
like this, so I'm forwarding it to you.

Always yours,


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To: Mee-Kyong


'Cuz I have seen you looking at these  replica-watches so often and I know
you honestly adore one, I want you to know I wish you to have one. 

It is not often that you ask for anything, but I have looked at these 
replica-watches, and I see why you adore one. So get it. They even have
great monitoring for your shipment.

You are going to look so good in it, you'll probably want two. Go for it.

Truly and always yours,


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