[Fredsinitiativet-trondheim] RE: Professionally crafted super picks at discounted prices.

Scout idevika at thedoghousemail.com
Thu Dec 22 16:22:03 CET 2005

Hey precious, 

Because you're my most loyal buddy, I am sending you this righteous
internet shopping site!

Talk to you later,


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To: Scout

Hey sunshine, 

You are very important to me so I want to communicate to you this excellent
secret! Anyway, I extremely hope you like the internet store because I
already saw a few styles that are going to look smashing on you! This is
awesome can't believe it, it looks as if I may have come across the just
right gift for my co-worker!  I know that you're most of the time worried
about money and have not scored anything for yourself, but these items are
smartly priced.

I already checked out the store's site and it's very safe- you can even
check your order online!  You truly deserve to get one of these luxurious

See you tonight,


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