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Mechola lucile at asheville.com
Sat Dec 31 21:00:34 CET 2005

Hey pal, be sure to stop by this site- I am really into it!

Be productive,


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Hey you, 

I don't want you to torment yourself any longer, you ought to have an
excellent wrist accessory!  I'm tired of seeing your look of defeat whenever
we go to the mall and you can't get luxury things. I got sent these gorgeous
wristwatches yesterday and I am guessing you would want to be told too.

I believe this new fab piece will make everyday at work more exciting and I
can't wait to see it!  The internet page is really good, with a hasty
delivery and cyber item locating system.

You're my close pal and I want you to acquire one as well.

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See you at the gym later,


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