[Fredsinitiativet-trondheim] The Power to find the most qualified person

devona austin budbuehler at cooltoad.com
Sat Jul 1 14:13:16 UTC 2006

We do whole NATIONAL Property & Personal history Investigations on a global

A day or faster turn around period on a large percentage of  searches.

What do you Really Know about your Worker?
What do you truly Know about your Spouse?
What do you actually Know about your Nanny?
What do you genuinely Know about your Business partner?

You Have to Shield yourself! Know the facts!

WE Assess people Meticulously & Professionally!

In 24 hours and or less we can give you all the information you need to Let
you make an informed decision!!

SSN Verification PLUS any Aliases used.
All residences the person has used in past 15 yrs..
All Landed property owned in past 16 yrs. PLUS deed transfer/Tax assessor
All Companies & DBA's possessions in past 17 yrs. PLUS no-extra-charge
reports on them.
All Liquidations, Court decisions and Tax Liens covering past 18 yrs..
All Members of Household, Friends, Colleagues, & Family members.
Lawbreaking & Minor offense Convictions.
All UCC Records.
All other pertinent information for under 50 dollars!

Do NOT Be in the dark. Let ACE Investigations tell you the real setting!

Please Dial 1-5035734282 to Talk to a detective now!!

not for you then PO 12 00 B , Oran ge sta d, A ruba or reply with hello in

"but what's all this about him going up there with a variety of students'?"
said hermione. "how many people are in on it? you wouldn't think he'd trust
lots of them to know what he's doing-"   
"well, the password changed at midnight, so you'll just have to sleep in
the corridor, won't you?"  he opened the gate and walked swiftly and
silently up the garden path, harry at his heels, then pushed the front door
very slowly, his wand raised and at the ready.
"you see!" said a strained voice. tonks was glaring at lupin. "she still
wants to marry him, even though he's been bitten! she doesn't care!m3

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