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SPRING, TX--(MARKET WIRE)-- Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. (CTBG) announces the delivery of the first group of 8 Rotating Tools to oil and gas well service companies operating in Mexico and Oklahoma. Designed for use in "fishing" applications utilizing 2" coiled tubing strings, these tools were delivered and "in the field" the week of May 1, 2006.bacillemia
In addition, CTBG has received orders for ten (10) more of these 2 7/8" Rotating Tool units, plus five (5) 2 1/8" Rotating Tools, all of which are scheduled for delivery to customers before the end of the month of May. displeasingly
CTBG offers the only fully rotating tool for well fishing applications," stated Jerry Swinford, President of Coil Tubing Technology, Inc. "Other tools in the marketplace only 'index' or 'turn' in 90 degree increments without fully rotating, which is an inefficient means of latching a fish. We are delighted by the overwhelming response from customers regarding the capabilities of these tools." rural
The Rotating Tool is a device that attaches to the end of a coiled tube to assist with "latching a fish," or removing production kits or undesired obstructions from the well by introducing rotation under mechanical pressure. The design and action of the tool is similar to a "Yankee screwdriver." If, for example, during normal operations, a piece of coiled tube is broken off and remains lodged in the wellbore, it can be difficult to get the new coiled tubing line past the obstruction. By introducing rotation to the "overshot," or latching mechanism at the end of the tool, obstructions can be cleared without the need to manually work the tool through the well head. ramming
Coil Tubing Technology was established in 1998 by an innovative founder that has over thirty years experience in the design of oil-field tools in general and fifteen years of experience in the design of proprietary tools for the coiled tubing industry in particular. With more than fifteen patents either granted or pending, CTT is the leader in providing new technology to the coiled tubing industry. CTT has become a one stop rental tool company supplying a full line of standard as well as propietary coiled tubing downhole tools. archaically
The Jet Motor maximizes torque and RPM combinations. This motor has the capability to establish bit hydraulics. The long life bearing package allows the tool to stay in the hole longer than average. It can be jarred without damaging the tool which is ideal for drilling through shale. The Jet Motor has been used successfully with MWD and steering tools in drilling applications. The nitrogen power source permits underbalanced drilling.  tooting
The Pulsator allows the weight on the bit to be maximized without stalling the motor as the torsional and axial torque are retained within the tool. The maximum tensible strength allows high energy jarring impact while the tool prevents spike loading from migrating up into the generic tool strings.  RND_WORD
The HeavyHitter, when used on the upstroke only, provides variable tensible overpull due to its hydraulic metered detent system. The minimum axial drag at detent release provides high velocity of the hammer mass to the anvil.   recollection
For more information on CTBG, please visit Yahoo Finance - CTBG  gramaphonic
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