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Subject: Manhunt 2  




The big draw in foreign nations are the 10-year tax holidays, newly paved roads and other subsidies. "Over a 10-year period, you will earn $1 billion more," Scalise said. "The aggressiveness of our trading partners is increasing." 

The ingenious part is what kind of connection will be used for this wedding of silicon - classical ball arrangement, that is used on to combine silicon and packaging of today, just like Conroe, Kentsfield or just about any of your regular FC-PGA chips out there. Both silicons will be englazed in same amount of protective plastics, and tucked beneath the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader). 

It's really a sad reflection of the Internet age when this "online encyclopedia" has detailed entries on every episode and charater of some bizzare TV drama, and yet articles about real people are being deleted for being "not notable" according to the esteemed wacky editors. 


Well we know this was not created by a Republican conservative like me. No it was created by a touchy feely bleeding heart liberal who wants to spread his/her message of tolerance and love. Like the stupid Ad Council we have in the USA.  So is this how they retaliate INQ, because they don't want someone spreading to the world about how their encyclopedic-looking articles are so freaking unreliable? Deleting Mageek certainly make it looks a bit less lame, yeah.  Now the team has shown how to tweak the size of the nanoshells so that they also scatter some of the radiation. That means any cancer sites will "light up" under low-intensity infrared, so they can then be zapped with the laser. "We can use one single particle to accomplish two tasks and neither feature is diminished greatly," says Gobin.

I grew up in Reno, Nevada, land of the free and home of the 99 cent breakfast. There's a lot that the world can learn from us. Is there any way out? Here are some ideas: 

LED (light-emitting diode) 

Subject: Safari for windows explained 

Subject: USB flash drive worm arrives 
"Someone called me 15 times between 4 am and 4:30," he complained. 

INTEL'S TERASCALE projects are quite impressive, and what matters the most - they aren't in a fancy-schmancy concept phase usually described in Powerpointless presentations promising the Second Coming and so on - but rather offer real, working silicon. 

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