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FAYE Fenrich shuteyeenlightened at biosite.com
Tue Mar 6 01:01:10 UTC 2007

WE Will Just start it's EXPLOTION. Market will make itself the rest .    

Stronghold Industries Inc leading supplier of premium home technologies and services.  
Symbol SGDS   
Trade date Mar 06, 2007   
Price $0.05   
Growth + 60%.

Stronghold's elite-class security arm, Moore Protection, protects over $750 million in residential property in the Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades and Malibu areas of Southern California. With a "Who's Who" roster of celebrity clientele, Moore Protection is the fastest growing security company in its market segment.

Ask your broker about SGDS

Not intersted? Just watch.

> Let me give you a little advice about running your site.   
Mike is on the payroll, he gets paid to take the heat.  
> Finally to top it all off, your marque event is a total washout after several hours of torture for the players.  
Also, I am sure Mike can handle the heat.  
A post on RGP is not just a question or a rant to the responsible person it is a public thing that allows others to be forewarned.  
> Any new or bigger promotion creates a mandatory lock-up of your computers.   
I did not say Mike Sexton owned the site. 
I provided very specific PC configuration  details and even explained that my swap file could grow to over 2GB and yet a condition  occurred in which software exhausted all the system resources.  
> Multiple, multiple upgrades that don't do anything.  
> Let me give you a little advice about running your site.   

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