[Fredsinitiativet-trondheim] yo bud

eric jonathanolxl at cdesystems.every1.net
Thu Aug 27 20:24:25 CEST 2009

yo mate, ok I`ll give you my trick but if you give it someone else I`ll fuckin kill you :)
you know in roulete you can bet on blacks or reds. If you bet $1 on black and it goes black you win $1 but
if it goes red you loose your $1.
So I found a way you win everytime:

bet $1 on black if it goes black you win $1

now again bet $1 on black, if it goes red bet $3 on black, if it goes red again bet $8 on black,
if red again bet $20 on black, red again bet $52 on black (always multiple you previous lost bet around 2.5)
if now is black you win $52 so you have $104 and you bet:

$1 + $3 + $8 + $20 + $52 = $84 So you just won $20 :)

now when you won you start with $1 on blacks again etc etc.  its always bound to go black 
eventually (it`s 50 / 50) so that way you eventually always win. But there`s a catch. If you 
win too much (like $800 a day) casino will finally notice something and can ban 
you. I was banned once on red stocking casino. So don`t be too greedy  and don`t win more then $200 
a day and you can do it for years. I think bigger casios know that trick so I play for real 
money on smaller ones, right now I play on elite world casino: www.elite7games.com for more 
then 3 months, I win $50-$200 a day and my account still works. You`ll find roulette there when you log in go to
"speciaty games" - "american roulete". And don`t you dare talling about it anyone else, 
if too many people knows about it casinos will finally found a way to block that trick. If 
you have any questions just drop me a line here or on skype.

c ya 

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