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An article of merchandise; and the number and the mark are as truly and
in nearly the same sense proper names as the others are. [Footnote 1:
Mill's Logic, B. I. ch. viii.] [Footnote 2: Max Mueller, Science of
Language, (1st Series,) p. 292.] Not that personal or proper names, in
any language, were _originally_ mere arbitrary sounds, devoid of
meaning. The first James or the first Brown could, doubtless, have given
as good a reason for his name as the first Abraham. But changes of
language and lapse of time made the names independent of the reasons,
and took from them all their significance. Patrick is not now, _eo
nomine_, a 'patrician;' Bridget is not necessarily 'strong' or 'bright;'
and in the name of Mary, hallowed by its associations, only the
etymologist can detect the primitive 'bitterness.' Boston is no longer
'St. Botolph's Town;' there is no 'Castle of the inhabitants of Hwiccia'
(_Hwic-wara-ceaster_) to be seen at Worcester; and Hartford is neither
'the ford of harts,' (which the city seal has made it,) nor 'the red
ford,' which its name once indicated. In the same way, many India
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