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I've met some nice people yesterday at  the  party,  you may read about them here http://link.coachmarshaclarke.com

Yours, Paul

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i think you are just used all the  "we  hold  your hand the whole way" RPGs

i  mean... skyrims story  wasnt that complicated now was it? "You are dragonborn... go  kill dragons..." thats pretty much it.. 
The  witcher is a  complex game about politics and choices, and  i completely disagree about the part where you say there  is  no  moral  choice in  the game..... 

Witcher  games  do THE BEST moral  choices in  any game  ever...  imo

its not a Good:" i am jesus, all evil is vanquished"  and Evil:  "I am  the devil and  every1  will  die" kind  of stupid moral choice system thats in every other game, the moral choices in the witcher are more like  real life, with most  choices being not  good and evil,  but rather grey...

watch angry joes review of witcher 2, most of the negative  stuff is gone now thanks to the  Enhanced  Edition and the good stuff still hold  s  up :)

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