[Loom-auto] Unhappy with commuting to work everyday. We are looking for skilled researchers

lissa hill shellneiry at missingheart.ru
Thu Aug 24 06:34:34 UTC 2006

Dear Bev, 

I was let go from a job I held for 312 months would you believe. Its very
hard to thank you enough for introducting  me in this business. You have
given me a fresh beginning on life.  Already earning twice as much as I took
home in my old job.  

I purchased for cash a New Lexus. Taking home 165,000US in 18 months.
Having a ball in this profession. Its fun and I am a hero to the courts and
to my customers. What an exciting profession to be in.

Following exactly what your training tells me to do, is working
beautifully.  I go to the court and locate all of the customers I can

I use your advanced reporting services to find all assets and employment.
Using your fill in the blank forms I send them out to the appropriate firms.
Then the funds arrive to my PO Box.  Its like magic.  Its so exciting
opening up the payments as they arrive.. 

I can take a holiday when ever we have a notion to do so.  England and
Canada this year. 

Please show this letter to others.  This profession is so big it needs many
more of us assisting the courts and the  people who have been harmed.

 O.    Colorado    

This could be you! 


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