[Loom-auto] You do not Continue to make Paymeents To the Caard companies.

Trinidad Hart bonitanewton at top.kisses.in.ua
Fri Jul 7 13:52:25 UTC 2006

You might be interested in this, just read the following letter from one
among our many pleased customers.

Hi Jimmy,

I feel blessed, just looking back on the day I came across you and your

As you've already seen, I recently went through a heartbreaking divorce. 
Part of the sad outcome was that I discovered that I was liable for the
$55,000 my husband had accumulated on major cards that I was not even aware

I couldn’t possibly support my daughters and at the same time pay for these
enormous credit cards payments.

Your company helped me by letting me not pay another cent on these bank
cards.  Evidently due to the US and Canadian laws the cards companies do not
comply with,  you were able to maneouver the banks to abort all of my card

In just a blink of an eye I have no more balances now or in the coming
months on these credit cards.  My credit is clear!!  

You have proven to be my savior.

Thank you and more power.

Vikky in FL

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