[Loom-auto] Because it is the only number which all existing states (See Table II above) have agreed to avoid.

Jeremiah Milligan Milliganmfhe at passiveplus.com
Tue Aug 14 18:59:14 CEST 2007

T+h_i s Tu_esday i,t.s CY_TV!!! 

G e_t on C'Y'T+V Firs.t Thi.ng on T_UESDAY+, i*t+',s goin-g to exploa'd! 

Co+m*pany: CH+INA YO_UTV C.O-R_P (,O'T+C BB:C.YTV.O-B) 
Symb'ol:  C*Y T*V 

Curren-t P*rice: $,0 ..4'6 
M.onday Mov e: (_U-p Over-(12.20% ) 

T+h.e pric e is at a min-imum it w,i_l,l b*o.o,m on Tues,day! 

R+ecommendati+on: "STRO-NG.-BUY" startin_+g on Tue__sday, AUGUS.T 1+4*, 2*0,0,6,. 

Br*eak,ing N+e*w.s_: 
Chin+a YouTV''s CnBo o W+e+b S'i+t,e Ra,nks N+o+. 1 on M-i,crosoft L_i v e Searc'h Eng ine 

Agg_re*sive Tra*ders 
G+e*t in early+, t_h_i+s o'n,e c,a'n f l.i_p h_i+g'h ret_urns f*a*s,t,. 

T,h*e de,vil t_empts t.h,e+e h-e*r'e In l+ikene'ss of a n'e,w untri,m_med brid.e. 

F-o r th'ese regi ons', it is a g.o.o.d i'd,e.a to perf orm t-h.i's transla tio+n by r.eferrin*g to t-h'e f-o'n+t s+e.t in t h.e receiv,in g s*i+d-e.. 
Sem.yon Veli+n t-hought it up befo*re he d*i e-d_. 
PE Bu+ilder v3 plu_gin Befo-re y o_u c-a n u+s.e t+h_e s-tinger plugi_n y_o_u m'u-s't dow_nl.oad t_h_e p.rogram a_n-d c*o_p.y it to t*h.e p lugin d_irector-y. 

Ther+e is a thin'g call-ed dise ase t-h+a t batt,ens u,p_o-n a.l-l l-iving t*hings, a n.d he h-a.d kn own it beyo.nd t-h,e sco+pe of a_l+l liv*ing m+e-n,. 
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