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   American Red Cross Donation Department is looking for new affiliates
   in Europe.

   Our International Donate Now Program includes 5 different donate now
   programs and together we do our best to focus on maximum support and
   assistance to people in need free of charge.


   Hundreds donate on a regular basis in different ways and their efforts
   result in our common future with no need and suffering for millions of
   people in the world.
   With over 50 million US dollars offered as charity funds for European
   Projects, American Red Cross Charity Department needs more employees
   in European Union.
   The vacancy we have available for you at the moment is "Donation
   Since we receive regular financial contributions for our Organisation
   in checks, money orders, bank wire transfers and even in gifts, be
   aware that "Donation Collector's duties would include regular
   assistance of our Financial Department. Every day we collect a great
   deal of contribution from thousands of people, but to our great
   misfortune do not have enough employees to guarantee that these funds
   are contributed to the purpose they were meant for in the very
   beginning of our program.

   "Donation Collector" together with our payroll commissionaires in
   different regions of EU accepts and ships donations to the people in
   need and furthermore is committed to minimise the chances of any
   unsolicited use of these funds by any other third party.

   The vacancy is not a non-profit work.
   Regular monthly salary of 2500 EUR is paid in the end of every working
   Only minor EU citizens over 21 y.o can apply for the full-time

   Please get back if you wish to receive more info about the vacancy and
   the initial application process.

   Thank you for your time

   If you have what it takes to be successful in this position, and are
   interested in the employment with real progression, promotion future
   perspectives, then apply online, send to HR DEPARTMENT .

   American Red Cross Donation Department
   "Donation Collector" recruitment office

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