[Loom-auto] funereallard wrote: Would you ...

Rajini Tuck funereallard at rs1.sze.hu
Wed Feb 7 19:10:54 UTC 2007

At the time HPGI is preparing for the gold extraction. 
A lot of specialists are working on the field and are making preparations for
efficient and active working. 

“We are delighted with the acquisition of Orion and we feel the property has 
excellent potential to produce results that will exceed our expectations,” 
commented Ted Pomerleau, President and Chairman of Hemisphere Gold.

as we have said the State Department also noted that Suriname's efforts
in recent years to liberalize economic policy created new possibilities 
for U.S. exports and investments. 
More over in the situation of changeable global economy more countries
start to buy gold for their reserves.But what is important is that a start has been
made in buying in the market.
New information from HPGI will be at an early date.
Also company are starting to hire staff for mine gold region.
Underplay is our style (HPGI)


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