[Loom-auto] Icity, and scholarliness, were curiously mingled in

Notah Karley kantar at vitalispa.it
Fri Apr 9 10:19:06 CEST 2010

En he came down from the awful mount where be met Jehovah face
to face. The same light is on your faces, for here is God's shekinah.

is the gate of heaven. I see its shining hosts, I hear the melody of
its songs. The angels of God encamped with us last night, and they
linger with us this morning. Tarry with us, ye
sinless ones, for this is heaven on earth!" He paused, with extended
arm, gazing upward
entranced. The scene that, followed beggars description.
By a simultaneous impulse
all rose to their feet and pressed toward the speaker with aw
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