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 improvement veto message. The late Democratic convention, which sat at
Baltimore, and which nominated General Cass for the Presidency, adopted
a set of resolutions, now called the Democratic platform, among which
is one
in these words: "That the Constitution does not confer upon the General
Government the power to commence and
carry on a general system of internal improvements." General
Cass, in his letter accepting the nomination, holds this language: "I
have carefully read the resolutions of the Democratic national
convention, laying
down the platform

of our political

faith, and I adhere to them as firmly as I approve them cordially."
These things,
taken together, show that the question of internal improvements is now
more distinctly made--has become more intense--than at any former
period. The veto message and the Baltimore resolution I understand to
be, in substance, the same thing; the latter
being the
more general statement, of which
the former is the amplification the bill of particulars. While I know
there are many Democrats, on this floor and elsewhere,
who disapprove that message, I
understand that all who voted for General Cass w
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