[Loom-auto] Turn your 2 spare hours in a week to 230 Euro helping others

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Thu Sep 27 08:42:29 CEST 2012

We are offering a 5,000 Euro salary monthly to a representative based in the European area
to help us allocate asset investments in the IT sector.

We are a Gibraltar based corporation which primarily offers services in the IT & e-commerce sectors.

You can do this without changing your primary residence, and without any initial investment up front.

What you will be doing?
- You will be processing payments from your bank accounts, by receiving them in your account and submitting them out.
  For this reason, it is important that you have at least a basic understanding of payment transfer & banking systems.
- 5% bonus on top of the 5,000 monthly Euros salary is offered for each payment processed!

What we need from you:
- You need to be an owner of a LLC (Ltd company) or similar or Hold Power of Attorney over LLC or similar
- Must have a bank account in good standing
- Must be willing to work and prove efficient and timely with handling of payment transfers
- Must check e-mail daily
- Must maintain records of each payment processed

If you are interested in representing us, please forward these details on to our company e-mail:
- Full Name
- Phone # in the International Format
- Contact E-mail
- Present Age
- Name of your company

Please reply to: Harold at wikijobcouk.com

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