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Wed Jan 24 07:10:00 CET 2018

To whom it may 


We appreciate that you 
took time out from your busy schedule to read my email. 


This is Sandy 
working for H&C Printing Center from Xiamen, China. Our products include picture 

magazines, catalogues, 
labels, stickers; hang tags, packaging boxes, booklets, flyers, playing cards, 

calendars, etc. Our price is very competitive compared 
with local printers, even with freight. Would 

you like to give us a 


Information of our products will be sent if needed.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on admin at hongchengco.com should you have 
any queries or if we can be 

of any assistance at all.


Hope to get your reply. J

Best Regards and 

Sandy (admin at hongchengco.com)


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