Our online course will show you how to remember everything from lists to facts to numbers to people’s names. Imagine meeting 20 or 30 people in an evening and recalling all their names! And professions, where they’re from and anything else. How about memorizing the 20 longest rivers in the world in less than 7 minutes?

“Your innovative approach to remembering numbers is a mind-blower. I have tried other methods but found them so confusing. This was simple and easy to learn. It does take some study, but recalling the funny stories makes it easy. I can now mentally store phone numbers, account numbers and credit cards. 
Recalling names is a blast too!”

- Tom Magnes

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My name is Ron Cole. I’m an American author, trainer and coach, living in the UK. I’ve been helping people achieve outstanding results in all areas of life since 1988. If you do order from us, that Word file gives you a 50% discount on ALL our online courses. You may pick & choose at that time, or any time, like now…

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SuperReading: (Great for Dyslexics) The most powerful and practical “speed reading” program available. High speed with high comprehension and recall.
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SuperMemory: Brilliant, easy and fun for recalling Names, Facts, Lists and Numbers.
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Chrysalis Goal Achievement: 25+ years of experience helping people achieve their dreams (and finding their dreams!)
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Taking Great Photos: Easy to learn tips that turn ordinary folk into masters.
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Time Management / Stress Reduction: Get back some control in your life (work & home). Great ways to tackle stress quickly.
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Effective Relationships: A simple collection of ideas (and things to do) that can heal and/or strengthen relationships. Please don’t give up until you try these.
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