[Loom-devel] Staggered/smooth

Iain ih at csd.abdn.ac.uk
Mon Jan 31 19:11:32 CET 2000

> Probably. I'm not so sure this either is something we have to decide from the
> start, the tiles are as far as I can see laid out more or less in the same
> way, it's just that the shape of the map is different.

I think it is.
I've put new versions of the pictures up
(http://www.abdn.ac.uk/~u07ih/staggered.png or smooth.png)
that shows how the tiles are numbered and the algorithm to translate mouse
x/y to grid x/y changes from what I can see.

I think I'll work on the principle of doing it as staggered, and if we
need to change, then I'm sure it won't be too hard to change it.

I think I've got the structure of the canvas item done, or at least the
basics. I called it LoomItemTerrain, so we can have the standard canvas
name space like LoomItemUnit or whatever. 


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