[Loom-devel] Hello

Nona Sawyer vywkeiarobcynf at post.cz
Sat May 21 16:24:05 CEST 2005

Hi there. My name is Julie, I am half british half scotish. I know its a weird mix :D, but I luv my beer and I luv partying. Well to be totaly honest I am very tired of going to unknown house parties and to wake up next morning god knows were O_O. So I have decided to have my parties on the web right here in my comfort zone. The best part about my cam is, its free. Yes, the only problem is, you have to verify your age, by doing this. It allows minors to stay away. I can get in alot of touble if minors view my site. Well anyways, come by say hi at least. Luv Julz,

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