[Loom-devel] dear, good mood to u

Maria glasgowhhonors at hiltonres.com
Thu Nov 1 04:51:33 CET 2007

Hello, Florian

I still live with my parents under the same roof and I am sorry to say this,
but I am already tired to see how they rule over my life.  I work hard and I
make enough to have a good life, but I give a lot to my parents.  My friends
ask why don't I just rent an apartment and leave: I just think that I will
be sorry all my life for leaving them: Maybe you can give me an advice?  Is
there a way to get "divorced" with my parents and build my life with a man
who will love me.  I am looking for a life partner and friend, for lover and
gentleman in my future husband.  I hope all these features are combined in
you.  Your answer should wait for me at http://rudateonline.info/?idAff=101 and 
I am thankful to my destiny that I have a chance to get to know you better:

Waiting for your mail


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