[Loom-devel] Get Your Phones Ringing

Michael Bernhard Michael.Bernhard at g2gm.com
Tue Jun 11 04:29:12 CEST 2013

Dear Business Owner,	

Are you struggling with having enough leads to support your business?  I will show you an easy way to get your phones ringing.  E-mail marketing has never been this easy before.  You can track all of your results online in real time.  Get your message in front of millions of viewers who are interested in your products for one small price every month.  If you call me I will show you step by step how this works and there is no obligation to buy anything from me.  Companies just like yours are using e-mail marketing to make thousands of extra dollars every month.   Don't miss out on this opportunity! Call me immediately.	
Michael Bernhard	
E-mail Marketing Specialist	
1 (800) 676-2011 Ext 230

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