[Loom-devel] Are you taking on new customers?

Albert Siciliano noreplyAS at b2b-updates.com
Sun Feb 2 09:41:02 CET 2014

Increase sales and generate leads using our fax message broadcasting software, you can send your message to your ideal audience. 

No other service on the market will let you send unlimited fax or voice messages per month. We do not meter your usage or charge per send. 

You will get 10 unlimited phone lines per month capable of sending approximately 14K messages per day or 432,000 faxes / messages per month.

With our software you can do the following:

> Send Unlimited Fax / Voice Messages
> Web Based Tracking Available 24/7
> Databases Included w/ Full Records
> Use 10 Lines Up to 500 Lines at Once

Don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to generating sales and leads. Use Fax / Voice Message Broadcasting and you will see results.

Click here for complete details: http://5z8.info/rickroll_pftt

Albert Siciliano
Fax / Voice Broadcasting Service
1 (800) 757-9150 Ext 520
Skype: bulkemailpros

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