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Report- Denim Apparel Group DPGP.PK

Moonlight Graham- The Next True Religion, Denim Apparel Group DPGP.PK!

Denim Apparel Group - Moonlight Graham Feature DPGP.PK

Market Cap: $4.3 Million
Last Trade: $0.15
Target Price: $0.30
Float: 28.902 Float (millions)

Introduction to the Investment Opportunity DPGP.PK

On February 21, 2006, DPGP.PK completed the acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of Moonlight Graham Inc. a registered California corporation. Moonlight Graham a vintage clothing company with such favorites as Yankees, Cubs, and Giants clothes from the Major League Baseball, vintage Animal House, Beer and Soda labels. It did last year over $2 million in revenue with growth of 350% from 2001 -2005and poised to deliver $7.3 million in 2006. It's set to explode as a public company, DPGP.PK.

Since then Moonlight Graham Vintage clothing has been on stars globally, this is better than any up and coming clothing line - it's a proven clothing line for generations.

Moonlight Graham in the News

- Wallstreet Journal Features Moonlight Graham (DPGP.PK) as a vintage clothing company, Major League Nostalgia!

- July 10th 2006 Moonlight Graham was featured on the Superstation WGN Morning Show.

- Metromix on CLTV Covers the rage about Vintage Clothing and products within the Chicago Moonlight Graham store.

- Moonlight Graham on www.uptick.com
Joe Namath on TV Guide announcing "I'm doing a "Broadway Joe" line with Moonlight Graham, the same company that worked with Dr. J years ago. We're going to be doing some throwback kind of jackets and shirts, in lots of great colors and the number 12 for the fall. It's great stuff."
Moonlight Graham Distribution

-       Walmart and other major retail distributors
-       Several hundred independent retail outlets, websites, and Country Clubs!
-       Moonlight Graham Retail Store Chicago and California!

The licensed merchandising business is at an all-time high. Last year, the industry generated $158 billion in retail sales worldwide, with over half that in the United States and Canada alone.

Moonlight Graham Licenses

-       Major League Baseball
-       GM "The Garage"
-       Animal House "The FRAT"
-       Budweiser "Anheuser Busch"
-       O'Doul's, Michelob, Natural ICE,
-       Several old Soda Pop lines and Vintage Labels

DPGP.PK has been gapping up, with highs of $0.18.5 cents last week and past highs of $0.70. This investment is ripe and turning around.


This is not a message to purchase shares or buy shares or securities, total consideration paid for this service was $2,500.

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