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hand in his pocket and he  was  swinging the other  as if out  on  a 
among  the rocks  and rubble stood a  bulldozer, its lowered  bucket  
promises--I've  had  enough, you've led me by  the nose long enough.  
All my
began  striking so low that they  had to duck their heads.  The green  
     "Stop!"exposed. At every peal Redrick watched Arthur's long  hair 
stand on end  and
the rock, Redrick looked back at the embankment.  It was brightly lit by 
probably would have  called him Pretty Boy Artie.  We used to  have  
Whip been? Did Buzzard bring  him here  or had he come on his own? Why  
werethrough  the  puddles.  He was  limping and did  not  look  as 
straight  and
     They  went around  the  mound  of gray  rags. There was nothing 
left of
Air  Force  insignia was very clear on the flattened  metal. Redrick had 
of his hand  and casually asked: "What's new at  the  institute?  Have  
smack at his feet, raising a cloud of white dust. He was
repeated, as he ducked under and worked furiously with his arms and 
legs. He
familiar--that was the smell that filled the city on the days that the 
northrepeated, as he ducked under and worked furiously with his arms and 
legs. He
     Every  step raised a cloud of  white dust, and the dust  settled on 
embankment itself: there was a reason  why the cars had tilted  over. 
Arthurabout that. If that should happen, I'll drag you back here. I 
promise. Look,
In the  east the  mountains looked  black, and over them  the familiar 
Look at the piece he's carrying in his back pocket. Nah, I doubt it. 
me, and  not  the first  to have  shed tears; others even got  down on 
see  the  downed helicopter some where on his  left  and the ore 
flatcars up
with her hairy paws on the table and then  in a perfectly childlike way, 
shemany of our boys fell there? But I found it! I was saving it for 
myself. And
looked around. It was all  right,  they  hadn't  left  the path. Now for 
how he could have lived for so long in the impenetrable,  exitless 
gloom. He
Zone." He took a bite  out of his sandwich and spoke dreamily with his 
mouth     "Lie there,  you toad, lie still, or I'll  kill you."  Tons 
and tons of
purple lights were fluttering
look at him, Redrick went  on  laughing  and motioned  him on. And then  
many of our boys fell there? But I found it! I was saving it for myself. 
sparse  thickets of willows, and the horizon, beyond  the hills, was  
stalker, no grumbling now, you knew what you were getting into. Five 
was immediately  blanketed  by rust and then  twisted and deformed  into 
the     "I'm involved in everything a little," Noonan replied with a 
yards away, Redrick  saw the helicopter. It had fallen, apparently, into 
from his pocket and handed it to Redrick by the barrel. Redrick took the 
gunfrom me. This  is  the end for all of you, get  it?  I'm not  leaving 
any of
the stench  was  coming from himself.  The odor was disgusting,  but 
really  taken  a beating. The top buckles  had melted  and the  vials in 
the  boy stepped over two  ties at a  time, broad-shouldered, 
other on the rusty rails.  Redrick unbuttoned  a flap and took out a 
impossible to see anything, but Redrick knew that a hilly  plain with 
rubbletwo--every link in this rotten, stinking world had to be changed.
where you are. Smoke break."
     He set up the glasses, quickly opened the bottle, and turned to 
emigration, be turned down,  and sue  for compensation, which would pay  
forsun,  which was unbearably white, hot, angry, and dead.  The  far end 
of the
winking among  yourselves, and leading me by  the nose, dragging me, 
     Redrick put the flask that he had been holding back under his 
ahead. And then the real work would begin.
pillow marks still on her cheek. Why did I get mixed up in this, he 
reached inside his jacket.
     "It's  the  ore,"  Arthur  said.  "You know, it  settled with time. 
Thewas going on, because he let them into the  apartment to examine his 
over a pile of old planks--it was quiet, exhausted, and so the hell with 
     "We'll see when we  get there." Redrick kept looking at  the map. 
Thererusty  rails,  and  Redrick  watched the drops of condensed fog  
glisten  on
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