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Lance of hers she had taken it for granted that he was twenty, but in
a second stolen look she had noted
certain lines about the mouth and eyes which added years to his blonde
youthfulness. Then her quick ear had caught Jose's "Saint Harry," and
to her, who knew many men, those lines about mouth and eyes did not
suggest a past of saintship.

Her surreptitious glance encountered that of Seagreave, for he, too,
had withdrawn his eyes from the fire for
a moment to let his puzzled gaze rest upon her. He had known vaguely
that Gallito had a

daughter, and he remembered in the same indefinite way that some one
had told him that she was an actress, but, even so, he could not
reconcile this--his

mind sought a simile to express her--this exotic,
with Gallito, these two mountain
women, a mounta
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