[Peerpress-licensing] We will be Love and Marriage

adventspraiseworthy alibaba at service.alibaba.com
Tue Dec 11 21:15:46 CET 2012

I do not know what to start with thats why I will start with the description of my character. 
I find myself quite a knowledgeable and clever lady, also I am  very nice and generous. 

I always try to keep myself in a good shape.. 
It seems to be banal to describe imaginary image of a loved one. 

I am looking for normal, realistic man. For me it is very important to meet my special one. Though, I can say for sure that appearance is far from being very important. 
The inner beauty is much more important than beauty of the body. I want my man to be positive, communicative and very attentive. And I want to love my man with all my heart and soul http://zetewef.mocua.us If you want to know me better 

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