[Peerpress-licensing] Smile brighter with it!

rachellepalma at risd.edu rachellepalma at risd.edu
Wed May 15 16:08:25 CEST 2013

Purchaseover contract for $1.40 per share on GT R_L is 
sealed! A deal that is valuated current lows has obtained 
what appears to be several buyover offers. And no I'm not 
making this up... the buyover request is completed. The deal 
shall occur in October pushing the share price to greater 
$1.40. The large flicks production is interested with GT 
R_L's economic strategy that's why they are eager to give 
$1.40 per unit. Until this is tip, you would buy $14'000 now 
and pofit $1'500'000 in October as the major movie production 
should grab at $1.40 from you! Get $14'000 worth of GT R_L on 
May 15th!

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