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Did you receive my email from last week?
Are you interested in a drone that can fly for a long time and a long distance?
We can provide you with a new type of drone that can fly for 45-50 minutes and can fly up to 10 kilometers.

Starting at 895.00 per package: shipping incuded.
u  s  d

4K camera, RAW supported, 4X digital zoom
45-50 mins long flight time with modified 3600mAh batteries
10km 720p Video Transmission
less than 249 g
Featured with transmission system - Ocusync 2.0
Level 5 wind resistance, max speed reaches 57km/h.
Powerful 3600mAh batteries give you max flight time
Light weight for exceptional compactness and portability

Please reply back and let me know the quantity of drones you would like, and where do we ship them to?

Darren Young
Long Flight Drones Distribution