[PP-main] Client System

Nick Lothian Lothian.Nicholas at lmsol.com.au
Fri Mar 10 01:44:47 CET 2000

> How to determine write access? I suggest a two-phase commit. Assume
> there is a single system acting on behalf of the poster. This could
> either be the poster's system itself, assuming client support, or
> could be a proxy server.


> The main challenge of this approach is that it requires client
> support. Having direct client support for the Peer Press protocols is
> probably something that makes sense - I (and others) believe it's
> possible to deliver a much more pleasant user experience that way,
> with latency hiding for the network protocols, more local metadata
> about which articles have been read, and so on. Such a client would
> also be able to manage participation in a number of sites more
> smoothly, handling the two-phase commit of the crossposting protocol
> automatically and also simply providing a consistent view to all the
> stories.

Do you mean the client web browser or the client news server system?

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