[PP-main] XML wierdness

Nick Lothian Lothian.Nicholas at lmsol.com.au
Fri Mar 10 01:46:13 CET 2000

> XML wierdness
> -------------
> The use of XML seems not to be very controversial. I suggest, though,
> that we stick to vanilla XML without any of the cool add-ons that the
> W3 delights in cooking up (XPath, XLink, XPointer, XML namespaces,
> RDF, schemas, DOM, XSL, etc). I've looked at all these and feel that
> the benefits derived don't quite justify the added complexity.

I was thinking about this yesterday, when I was re-reading the avagato
story. Someone (was it Alan Cox?) said they would want to support
syndication of things like softwear check-in logs. I suddenly realized we
could support that by having nested XML - we have our XML DTD, with a (say)
<STORY> </STORY> tag which contains the syndicated data - which can be in
any valid XML DTD - so we can syndicate stuff that has formating, or some
other DTD that is a software bug report, for instance. This required
namespaces (doesn't it? - I have to admit I don't follow the XML standards
to closely)


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