[PP-main] My previous mail; Flux

Hans Petter Jansson hpj at styx.net
Sat Mar 11 23:34:59 CET 2000

I received a mail shortly after my last post here, informing me that I'd be
interpreted as grumpy, a la previous posters that have now left the list.

It was not my intention - I was merely observing that shoving my code down
people's throats because Peer Press was going to be some kind of "test bed"
is entirely the wrong way to go about it, and it doesn't have my support.

With that said, I think Flux has tools that would lend themselves very well
to your project, probably also making for reduced complexity in your own
codebase. Since I'm not fine-tuned to Peer Press' requirements, however, I'll
let Joakim elaborate on that when the time comes.

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