[PP-main] working towards peer press 1.0

Nick Lothian Lothian.Nicholas at lmsol.com.au
Mon Mar 13 06:20:59 CET 2000

> <ppdata>
>  <author>
>   <firstname>Fred</firstname>
>   <lastname>Smith</lastname>
>   <email>fred.smith at example.net</email>
>   <phone>+61-7-55000000</phone>
>  </author>
>  <content>
>   <synopsis>this is an interview with the development team of
> peerpress.org</synopsis>
>   <type>audio/mp3</type>
>   <size>4500000</size>
>  </content>
> </ppdata>
> when the affiliate sites receive the description of the file,
> it would be the above minus the <data></data> and the contents
> in between. they can then poll the server for the content if they
> want it.

I was with you until the poll the server bit. How do they get some of the
above file without getting the bit between the <data> tags? Or do you mean
the actual description file it would simple not contain the <data> tag? If
that is so, you need something so the client knows how to ask for the actual
data. That's what I meant by the <CONTENT-URL> tag, so the client can simply
go to that URL to get the data if they want it.


  <synopsis>this is an interview with the development team of

> there are advantages and disadvantages to doing it this way.
> the main advantage i think would be that you don't have to worry
> about sites moving the content around - instead, pp carries the content
> on its servers. the disadvantages are then of course bandwidth usage
> and storage.

That's a huge amount of bandwidth! For instance, I can bet one of the first
things something like this will be used for is for indepentant bands to
publish MP3s. At 4-6M per song, that's a lot of bandwidth!

> also, if the content (ie photo) is referenced from inside a text document
> (ie article), there should be some kind of option in the protocol to
> automatically receive the binary data.

No, I think this should be determined by the file itself. If someone wants
to publish a rich-multimedia thing, they should use a format that supports
it - PDF for instance.

I can see the use of something like that, but I think it is going to get too
complex (for V1, at least).

> am i way off course here?

No, I think we're talking about pretty similar things. It's great to have
someone in the same timezone as me, BTW!


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