[PP-main] todo list derived from spec

avi at itsg.net.au avi at itsg.net.au
Sat Mar 18 06:28:48 CET 2000

here is a list of things that would need to be done to make
the spec i posted become a reality. please post anything you can think of
that i have missed.

implementation wise, i was thinking:
* Central and Mirror Servers
  + database - MySQL
  + web server - apache
  + scripting - PHP (easy to use, XML parser support)

* Affiliate Site example scripts
  + PHP & Perl

so far i haven't had much feedback on anything that i've posted.
if the approach that i'm taking is (un)/suitable, please tell me as
response so far (positive or negative) has been scarce. (email me
privately if you prefer). that way i can figure out whether or not this
stuff is actually useful to anyone.


* database schema design
  + design relationship diagram for all entities in project

  + content
    - someone will need to design this. any volunteers?
      should include:
      o CA username/hash
      o AF site where content originated
      o content category
      o ability to describe text or binary content
      o ?
  + categories
    - best option so far is to use ones from www.dmoz.org.
      any complaints?

* trust scheme
  + has anybody our there thought of a good mechanism to go
    with the spec?

* web interface
  + PPN admin functions
    - ?
  + CA functions
    - create account
    - remove own account
    - change own password
    - create username/hash pair
    - edit username/hash pair
    - remove username/hash pair
    - ?
  + AF functions
    - create account
    - remove own account
    - change own password
    - ?
* CS scripts
  + cron
    - delete old username/hash pairs
    - delete username/hash pairs with "awaiting verification" status
    - poll for new stories and insert into database
    - update MS's with new content
    - poll MS's for last access by AF sites
    - update MS's with AF's category preferences
  + non-cron
    - ?

* MS scripts
  + cron
    - ?
  + non-cron
    - AF site new content retrieval script


once again, any comments would be appreciated.

- avi

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