[PP-main] Hey There, Ho There (That's your news there?)

nathan hruby nhruby at arches.uga.edu
Sun Mar 26 18:32:05 CEST 2000

Hey there!

My name's nathan hruby, and I'm a core developer for the phpslash project.
( http://www.phpslash.org/ )

We've discussed the concepts of cross-site news sharing between various
phpSlash sites before and are really excited about implementing it (though
it will be a while before it happens, our discussions are were really
similar to the advogato discussion that sparked this list)

I'm very excited about the Peer Press project and hope that the phpSlash
project (and myself) can help out whenever / wherever we can and that we can
include the code and concepts formulated here in phpSlash to share content.

I'd love to start off with a bunch of thoughts, but I see from the archive
that there's already been a great deal of disscussion, so it will take me a
little time to play catch-up.


 nathan r. hruby: nhruby at arches.uga.edu
 Webmaster: UGA- Dept. of Drama

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