[Peerpress-main] Taxonomy hierarchy nearly done.

Nick Lothian nick at nicklothian.com
Sat May 19 10:10:20 CEST 2001

> I've written up a taxonomy scheme that I'm suggesting for use in Peer
> Press. This scheme is getting rather large, and isn't yet quite finished,
> it's close enough that I think it's reasonable to post to the list for
> There are three hierarchies here: Category, Topic, and Geography. The
> hierarchy is small and shallow, and is used mainly for the type of
content. The
> topic hierarchy is huge, deep, and not entirely complete yet. This is
> particularly where I'd like people to point out glaring omissions. The
> geographical hierarchy is largish, and complete down to the level of
> countries. The soruces are many, but I owe in particular large thanks to
> dmoz.org, where I was able to collect a lot of information (most of it has
> reorganized a bit since then, though).

Instead of inventing our own categories, couldn't we just use the
dublin-core standard categories for metadata?

<dc:type> would be category, <dc:subject> would be topic and <dc:coverage>
would be geography.

  Nick Lothian

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