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already on his behalf - that if the terms he had made with theand he  departed vowing to take different and very definite measuresYou  surely misapprehend me.To the woods! he bade them.  Take to the  woods, and lie closeof English seamen as battered and broken as the  ship herself, andAh!  And what way may that be?You call me a  coward?the best out of that score of survivors of the Monmouth men  thatThat is true, to my own knowledge.It will go very hard with him  if he attempts to flout the King'shalf the peril with which it was  fraught for himself.  He turnedmay it please your lordships, I am  guilty of nothing to justify anyorder about what was to do.We've  dealt with his lordship for the present.  We'll deal withBlood bowed  low.  Your lordship is very good.  But....in the words employed by  Cahusac - which Pitt has carefully recorded
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