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T most impressed you, dear?" inquired Mrs. Jimmie, sweetly. "The price!"
I answered, cheerfully. "It was a slightly damaged article, so we got it
for less than half the original cost of it. You know I do love a
bargain, Mrs. Jimmie." "I meant the prince, dear," said Mrs. Jimmie.
"However, if she prefers to discuss ice-boxes," said Jimmie, politely,
"by all means, let us bring the conversation down to her level. It will
not be the first time I have had to do it." "I don't care!" I said,
stoutly. "It was far more interesting than seeing the prince. This, you
must remember, was our _first_ ice-box. The other one was built into the
apartment, and we didn't own it." "I do wish Bee could hear you!" jeered
Jimmie. "Gee, but you will be a trial to Bee." "I always have been," I
said. "She got mad at me just before I was married about a thing as
foolish as anything _I_ ever heard of. I had calls to pay, and I asked
Bee to go with me. She said she'd go if I'd get a carriage, so I said I
would, and told her to order it. But it seems that all the good ones
were engaged for a funeral, and they sent us a one-horse brougham with
the driver not in livery. We didn't notice it unti
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