I haven't contacted you for many days, I wish you all the best.
Recently, our company launched the drone products.
if you are interested, you can learn more about it through the following product information.

FPV 5G WiFi image transmission, 2000m
Stabilize a 6K wide-angle 120° adjustable two-axis mechanical gimbal camera. Channel of the ESC camera: 6CH
Li-ion battery, 11.4V, 2850mAh (included)
AA*3 -4.5V alkaline battery for the transmitter (sold separately)
Flight duration: 28 minutes
Charging time: approximately 4 hours
Distance between the remote control and the device: about 1000m
Size in quadrilaterals:
Product dimensions (CM): 17*11.5*6
Size of product development (CM): 26*26*6.7CM

Features include: -Wind resistance level 7
-GPS location mode allows for more precise flying.
-With 5G wifi capability, it can be linked to an APP or APK system to shoot pictures/videos and send photos in real time via the mobile phone camera.
The -5G wifi fpv range may exceed 2000m.
The -5G WiFi 6K HD camera can capture a wide range of high-definition pictures and movies.
-Follow me: The plane will control the phone indefinitely and go in the same direction as the operator.
The plane will fly in circles as a result of the orbital motion, offering a cooler shooting viewpoint.
In waypoint flight mode, just create a route on the screen and use the helicopter to follow it.
-Comes with an auto-return function. When the controller signal is lost, the aircraft will return to the takeoff location using the GPS trajectory.

Cost details:
285.90 each for ordering  1-5 pieces
275.90 each for ordering  6-10 pieces
265.90 each for ordering  11-50 pieces
u  s  d

Do you like to place an order today? The inventory is tight at the moment.
If necessary, please inform us of your detailed delivery address, and we will contact the warehouse to arrange delivery for you.