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We just released a new drone, which will be able to offer you expectations, and thank you for your support.
Please refer to the following detailed product information

The battery life of the brushless GPS drone is 28 minutes. 1000m electric fence safety distance.
Fixed point inside optical flow, GPS placement outside.
Back home with low power, power off/off signal back home.
Cross-over, surround, cross-point, VR-mode, multi-lens switching, photo/video panorama, lens zoom.
MV mode, one-key back to home mode, headless mode, photo/video gesture, front lens up and down setup.
Flight system: fixed altitude GPS/air pressure
Camera parameters: ESC PTZ + ES electronic stabilization 3840x2160/4K 30 frames

Level of wind resistance: 8 severe winds.
5G anti-interference picture transmission signal:
Diameter of the blade(cm): 5.8cm approx.
Capacity of the body: 7.4V 3000mAh with board
Battery Remote Control (chargeable): 3,7V 300mAh and board
WIFI: 5G 4K optical flow setup
Charging time: 180min approximately
Remote control: endurance loading (no battery required)
Type: 1 type/2 battery kind/3 type of battery
Gray-white colour color
Werkstoff: alloy + plastic
Dimensions: drone size unfolded: 26x30x5cm, size folded 14x19x5cm

Details of costing:
279.00 per unit for 1-5 units
259.00 per unit for 6-20 units
239.00 per unit for 21-100 units

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Jamison Garrett
Customer Care Department