Hope all is well.
I want to recommend a new drone in our warehouse. The quality of our products has been carefully checked.
Please refer to the specific product information in detail.

The GPS brushless drone has a battery life of 28 minutes. Electric fence safety distance of 1000m
GPS positioning indoors, fixed point inside optical flow.
Returning home with limited electricity and the power turned off.
Multipoint navigation, VR mode, photo/video, multi-object switching, and lens zoom are all available.
MV mode, one-key home, headless mode, photo/video definition, front lens up/down adjustment
Fixed altitude flight system Air pressure/GPS
There are eight high wind resistance levels.
Image transmission signal for 5G anti-interference
Fan blade diameter (cm): 5.8cm approx.
Body battery capacity: 7.4V 3000mAh with board
Remote control battery capacity (with charging): 3.7V 300mAh with board.
WIFI: 5G 4K with optical flow configuration
Charging time: around 180 minutes
Remote control: recharging stamina (no battery required)
Type: Battery types include: one type, two types, and three types of batteries.
The color is gray-white.
Plastic and metal are the materials used.
Size: Drone dimensions: 26x30x5cm unfolded, 14x19x5cm folded

Prices details:
288.00 each 1-10 units
268.00 each 11-50 units
258.00 each 51-100 units

Would you like to take one today? Just inform he quantity and the receiving address, and I will arrange the logistics to ship the goods to you.

-Mechanical two-axis stabilization Pan-Tilt with a pitch angle of 110 degrees: The tilt angle is 110 degrees when using a Pan-Tilt camera.
-Arms that can be folded.
-GPS location mode allows for more precise flying.
-With 5G wifi capability, it can be linked to an APP or APK system to shoot pictures/videos and send photos in real time via the mobile phone camera.
The -5G wifi fpv range can exceed 2000 m.
-Follow me: The aircraft will control the phone indefinitely and will go in the same direction as the operator.
-It can give stable flight thanks to the altitude hold mode capability.
-Because of the orbital motion, the plane will fly in circles, offering a cooler shooting viewpoint.
- Gesture recognition for photography: make a gesture facing the camera within 1-3m of the aircraft.
-In waypoint flight mode, just create a route on the screen and use the helicopter to follow it.
-Comes with an auto-return function. When the controller signal is lost, the aircraft will return to the takeoff location using the GPS trajectory.
-The flying time is up to 28 minutes when using a 11.4V 2850mAh battery.
-Headless mode eliminates the need to change aircraft position prior to flying.
-With the one-click back function, you can simply return home.

Would you like to take one today? Just inform he quantity and the receiving address, and I will arrange the logistics to ship the goods to you.

Jeff Knowles