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The drone has a battery life of 28 minutes. There is a safety distance of 1000m from the electric fence.
Inside optical flow fixed point, GPS position is outside.
Using the power off/off signal, return to your home on low power.
In addition to follow and surround modes and multi-point cruises, VR mode is offered as well as multi-lens switching and panoramic photo/video capture.
A few of the features provided include MV (multi-view) mode, one-button return to the home screen, headless mode, definition switching, gesture photo/video, and front lens up/down adjustment.
GPS and air pressure are used to fix altitude.
30 fps at 3840x2160 Electronic stabilization camera parameters for ESC PTZ + ES electronic stabilization.
Wind resistance level: 8 (high wind resistance)
5G picture transmission signal with low interference
About 5.8 cm is the diameter of the fan blades (in centimeters).
Battery capacity is 7.4V 3000mAh with board.
It has a remote control that may be used to charge the battery. The capacity of the battery is a key (with charging)
5G 4K with optical flow is possible with this technology. Charge time: 180 minutes
With the remote control, you may charge your endurance batteries (no battery required)
Drone size: Finished size when unfolded is 26x30x5cm.

Price of one drone: 285.90
Two drones for 275.90 each
For three or more drones, the cost is 265.50 each

Are you interested in taking one or two today?
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Optical flow with a fixed point within and GPS positioning outside.
When you get back to your house, the power goes out or you get a signal that the electricity has been turned off.
Virtual reality mode, multi-lens switching and video/picture panorama are some of the features that can be found in this camera.
Modes: MV, one key to return to the home screen; headless; photo/video gestures; front lens adjustment.
Fixed altitude flight system GPS/air pressure is a combination of the two.
3840x2160/4K 30 frames
High wind resistance (wind resistance level of 8)

Sam Jones