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1 table gives fun, 22 players, 2 manual scouts, restoring the original football surface, green playground, and two manual scorers.
Friendly design: The rod bars are soft to prevent slips on your hand and to better manage the ball (2 balls included) (Two balls included)
Fiberboard: Our football table is composed of high-quality, environmentally sustainable MDF fiberboard.
The Game Tables can be set up using the instructions and clearly numbered components.
With a natural wood-like look framework, this table fits into any playroom or extra space in your home.
There is a viable option for you.
MDF (Carb P2) substance, Iron, Wood Color Plastic Color Frame, Wood Color Table Leg
Product dimensions are 121.92cm x 77.5cm x 60cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 21.5kg / 47.40lb
Packaging Dimensions: (325.1 x 167.6 x 35.6) "/ (128 x 66 x 14) centimeters (L x W x H) 1 set / cardboard package

Foosball table pricing:
One foosball table: 195.70.
Two foosball table: 185.70 each
For three or more foosball tables, the price is 175.70 a piece.

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1 playable table, 22 participants, green playgrounds, 2 manual scorers, and the restoration of authentic soccer fields
Design-friendly: 2 cup holders' features that will keep them hydrated during the race; Soft grips are used on rod bars to reduce slippage and improve ball control (2 balls included) (There are two balls provided.)
MDF fiberboard, which is good for the environment: Our football table is made of high-quality, secure MDF fiberboard.

Each leg has four sturdy legs that provide a stable and adjustable slip basis.
The game table can be customized by following the directions and utilizing clearly numbered components.

Owen Dean