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1 table provides entertainment for 22 players, 2 manual scouts, restoring the original football surface, a green playground, and two manual scorers.
Design that is user-friendly: The rod bars are soft to prevent hand slips and to help you manage the ball better (2 balls included) (There are two balls included.)
Fiberboard: Our football table is made of high-quality, eco-friendly MDF fiberboard.
The Game Tables can be assembled by following the instructions and using the clearly numbered components.

This table fits into any playroom or extra space in your home, thanks to its natural wood-like look framework.
There is a viable option available to you.
MDF (Carb P2) material, Iron, Wood Color Plastic Color Frame, Wood Color Table Leg Dimensions: 121.92cm x 77.5cm x 60cm (L x W x H)
21.5kg / 47.40lb Packaging (325.1 x 167.6 x 35.6)" / (128 x 66 x 14) centimeters (L x W x H) 1 set / cardboard box.

Pricing for a foosball table:
195.80 for one foosball table.
Each foosball table costs 185.80 for two tables
The cost of three or more foosball tables is 175.80 per table
Include shipping.

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1 playable table, 22 players, green playgrounds, 2 manual scorers, and the restoration of authentic soccer fields
Design-friendly: 2 cup holders that will keep them hydrated throughout the race; On rod bars, soft grips are used to reduce slippage and improve ball control (2 balls included) (Two balls are provided.)
Our football table is made of strong, high-quality MDF fiberboard.

Each leg is supported by four sturdy legs that provide a stable and adjustable slip basis.
By following the instructions and using clearly numbered components, you can customize the game table.

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