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Could you please look over what I sent you last week? I hope you like it, it is available in our inventory.

On clear nights, you can use it outside. It has an in-projector speaker that is quiet enough for indoor use, but it can be connected to external speakers via the earphone connection on the side. 3. Ideal for use in the backyard or against an empty wall in the living room.
You can connect your TV Sticker to this and it will display what is on your phone, YouTube, or straight up movies. 2. It is simple to adjust the contrast and can connect to multiple devices (ex. laptop). To play BIG games, simply connect it to your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box ONE, or Wii.
This projector has a viewing size range of 32” to 176” and a projection distance range of 4.9ft to 16.4ft. A viewing distance of approximately 6.5 feet is recommended.

The price is 288.80 for one projector.
For two projectors, 278.80 each
Three or more projectors cost 268.80 each
Include shipping.

If you would like to take one or two of our projectors. Please let us know where do we ship to. And we will arrange shipment for you as early as possible.

Projectors focuses on professional projector manufacturing and has always pursued cutting-edge technology. This projector has been upgraded numerous times; we value our customers feedback. Pleasant Updated Brightness 3500lm

This projector has been updated to 3500 lumens of brightness, which is 60% brighter than similar level mini projectors at this price, implying improved performance and a wider operating range. With a built-in 5-layer LCD lens, a maximum projection size of 176", 840*480 Native Resolution, 1080 MAX Supported Resolution, and a 2000:1 Contrast Ratio, a clearer display will be achieved as the brightness is increased. A large visual field is also provided by the 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio. In addition, you can manually adjust the clarity.

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